| Driver:  The rent a car driver must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license for at least 2 years.

| Deposit: The deposit is determined based on the length of the car rental and depending on the group of vehicles. The deposit can be in cash or by credit card.

| Mileage: Mileage is limited to 200 km per day. Unlimited mileage by arrangement.

| Fuel: paid by the user. If the user returns a rent a car vehicle with a smaller amount of fuel than it was when taking over the vehicle, he is obliged to pay for the missing fuel at the valid prices.

| Traffic fines: which are hidden by the user are obliged to pay them.

| Vehicle delivery: We offer the service of delivery and collection of vehicles according to your wishes.

| Night delivery / reception of vehicles: 00-24h

| Vehicle washing: If the user returns the rented vehicle dirty, he will be charged a washing fee of € 5 for a normally soiled vehicle or € 40 for a heavily soiled vehicle that needs to do a deep wash.

| Crossing the border: Special rental conditions apply to travel outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia. It is not possible to enter certain countries, which is indicated when renting a vehicle. Crossing the border is not allowed for the following countries: Albania, Turkey and the former Soviet republics.

| Use of the vehicle: The user is obliged to take care of the rent a car vehicle and to inform the rent car agency in case of problems. It is not allowed to drive off-road, race, tow other vehicles, rent a car to another person and modify the rental car.

| Compulsory insurance: All Twiga Rent a Car vehicles are insured for damages to third parties, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Serbia. In this way, the parties are protected from any claims of third parties.

For all additional questions we are at your disposal, feel free to contact us.


Concluded by and between TWIGA car rental d.o.o. (further referred to as TWIGA car rental d.o.o. and car user (further referred to as User).

Article 1.

TWIGA car rental d.o.o. rents to User a vehicle under the Terms and Conditions set forth by this Contract, the applicable price list, our Rental Information and the Instructions for User in case of traffic accident and other regulations.

Article 2.

By signing this Contract User agrees to the Contract and price list and is obliged to the following:

a) that he/she took over the rented vehicle in accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Law.

b) that he/she received vehicle documents, keys to the vehicle, all obligatory equipment and accessories as well as additional equipment and accessories listed in the contract along with the vehicle

c) that he/she shall return the rented vehicle after the expiry of rental period to the location and within the term defined in this Contract, or before the expiry of rental period, immediately on TWIGA car rental d.o.o. request.

d) that he/she shall cease driving immediately in case there is a malfunction of mileage recorder and inform TWIGA car rental d.o.o. without delay.

e) that he/she will not use the rented vehicle for illegal purposes (perpetrating criminal deeds, offence against customs and exchange regulations as well as other forbidden acts), driver training, renting to third persons, freight or haul of other vehicles or trailers, participating in auto-sports events, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics. In case User acts are contrary to this point he/she shall be obliged to indemnify TWIGA car rental d.o.o. without delay for the incurred damage in full amount.

f) that he/she shall use the vehicle for their own purposes only and the vehicle shall be driven by User or a person fulfilling terms of the Contract. Material liability of these persons is joint.

g) that he/she shall not overload the vehicle with persons and objects nor cross state borders without previously obtained international motor insurance card from TWIGA car rental d.o.o.. In case User crosses state border without previously obtaining international motor insurance card he/she shall be obliged to bear all material liability towards TWIGA car rental d.o.o. and competent authorities of the state he happens to be in with the rented vehicle for the subject offence.

h) that he/she must not perform any replacement of parts, assemblies, device, equipment or to change in any way the outside appearance of the vehicle without written consent of TWIGA car rental d.o.o.. User is obliged to reimburse TWIGA car rental d.o.o. for replaced or missing parts to the extent of their market value latest on the day of returning the vehicle.

i) that he/she necessarily uses available device or means for seeming vehicle against theft and protect the vehicle.

j) that he/she shall at any time enable control of vehicle and documentation by a person authorized by TWIGA car rental d.o.o. k) that he/she shall use the vehicle with due care.

Article 3.

User is obliged to meet basic conditions for vehicle rental at that: possession of a valid driving license, obligatory identification by presenting identity card or passport, proof of capacity of User within legal entity (employment contract, authorization, company seal etc.) obligatory payment card as means of security and payment, advance payment of calculated rental days. Minimum length of rental is one day (24 hours), whereby delay of up to 60 minutes in returning the vehicle shall be tolerated after which another rental day shall be automatically calculated in accordance with valid price list. Maximum length of rental is 11 months, however TWIGA car rental d.o.o. reserves the right to decide on the length of vehicle rental by User.

Article 4.

When concluding the Contract User is obliged to make a down payment of defined amount and deposit all documents stated in Article 3 of this Contract.

Article 5.

User accepts to pay to TWIGA car rental d.o.o.:

a) vehicle rental and other services according to valid price list. For the amount of paid downpayment rental price is guaranteed to the extent of downpayment amount.

b) costs for fuel, puncture repair and fees (road tolls, bridge tolls, ferryboat fee, fines, tickets, charges and court disputes) shall be borne by User. In case those fees are previously settled by TWIGA car rental d.o.o. they shall be reimbursed by User,

c) return mileage in case User returns rented vehicle to location different from the location originally agreed for returning the vehicle

Article 6.

The User shall be provided for usage a technically sound vehicle. For all potential technical defects that occur during the rental period the User shall be fully liable. If during vehicle usage there occurs the following defect of: engine, drive mechanism, gearshift, clutch, crankcase or other characteristic part (in case of lack of oil for engine, differential, gearshift, cooling fluid, engine overheat etc.) contractual parties shall mutually, in an official service remove defects and determine the amount of the incurred material damage. In case the defect was incurred due to negligence of User, User shall be obliged to reimburse TWIGA car rental d.o.o. for the inflicted material damage to the vehicle in full amount and lost profit due to non-usage of the vehicle in the amount of minimum profit of TWIGA car rental d.o.o. in accordance with valid price list, for 30 days at the most. In case of total damage User is obliged to indemnify TWIGA car rental d.o.o. for the full loss of profit from the day when total damage occurred till the day of replacement of damaged vehicle by a new one.

Article 7.

In case of traffic accident, damage, theft of vehicle or parts or defect of vehicle driven, User is obliged not to leave the vehicle before he/she ensures handover of vehicle to TWIGA car rental d.o.o., waited for the police to come and make a record, and completes correctly and fully the“European report for traffic accidents”, except in case of defect of vehicle driven and submitted written statement to the nearest office of TWIGA car rental d.o.o.. In case User fails to perform any of the above mentioned actions and by that inflicts damage to TWIGA car rental d.o.o. he/she is obliged to reimburse for the inflicted damage in full amount.

Article 8.

By putting his/her signature the User confirms he/she is acquainted with the feet that rental price includes insurance for the driver and all persons, obligatory third party insurance and, if purchased insurance against theft and Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover (“CASCO insurance”) with the applicable Non Waiver Responsibility (“NWR”) as described within the Rental Agreement and Rental Information. Insurances does not cover damage that occurs: inside the vehicle; to the underside, tyres or wheels of the vehicle; for broken or lost key; damage caused by filling up inadequate type of fuel; and/or damage caused on purpose or by negligence. All the above mentioned damages shall be charged in full amount to the User at the latest at the time of returning the vehicle

Article 9.

TWIGA car rental d.o.o. shall not be liable for damage inflicted to third parties caused by improper driving of vehicle User, for damage inflicted by loss or damage of luggage or goods located in or on the vehicle.

Article 10.

User shall be obliged to return the vehicle within the agreed period to the agreed location. In case of a necessity for extension of rental period there shall be signed a new contract after User settles all outstanding liabilities as per previously concluded contract.

Article 11.

In case of dispute arising out of this Contract, contractual parties shall try to settle the dispute by an extrajudicial agreement or otherwise acknowledge the jurisdiction of court in Belgrade

Article 12.

All other issues that are not envisaged by this Contract shall be regulated in accordance with Contract Law of the Republic of Serbia.

Article 13.

Instruction for user in case of traffic accident forms an integral part to this Contract and by signing this Contract User confirms to be acquainted with its content. This Contract is made in 3 (three) identical copies, 2 (two) for TWIGA car rental d.o.o. and 1 (one) for User.

Instructions for User in case of traffic accident

In case vehicle User does not ensure police presence or police record and complete correctly and fully the “European report for traffic accidents” the full amount for the damage and/or theft shall be charged to User irrespective of the type of purchased insurance. It is necessary to make a police record and complete correctly and fully the “European report for traffic accidents” even in case when User was not present at the moment the car damage was inflicted (eg. vehicle was damaged on the parking lot by an unknown perpetrator). ACTIONS in case of traffic accident, damage and theft the User is obliged to act in the following manner: IMMEDIATELY inform the police and TWIGA car rental d.o.o. about the event and act according to their instructions. User shall not be allowed to operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, medications and drugs, without a passed driving test for that category of vehicle, or without international motor insurance card in case of operating vehicle abroad. In these cases, insurance IS NOT VALID and client is charged with foil amount of damage/theft. User shall not be allowed to give the rented vehicle for usage to unauthorized persons i.e. persons that are not listed in the Contract on car rental. In these cases insurance IS NOT VALID for User and he/she shall be charged with full amount of damage.

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